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A Former Prosecutor Defending You

At Powell Law Firm P.A., your case is in experienced hands. I’m Mike Powell and I have more than 20 years criminal defense experience. I’ve worked as a prosecutor and for more than 10 years, I’ve defended individuals in Charlotte County facing a variety of criminal charges.

I have handled thousands of criminal cases and that experience is invaluable to helping you when you face a criminal offense, from DUI and drug charges to the most extreme felony cases involving sex offenses or homicide.

You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal court is no place for an amateur. Criminal procedure is very complex and ever-changing. The courts are exceedingly busy. Judges cannot help you represent yourself and everyone else is working to put you behind bars.

You need an experienced defense attorney who can confidently represent you, having examined your facts, explained the law that applies to your case and worked with you to determine the best strategy for your situation.

I bring a commonsense approach to your case and I can aggressively protect your rights. I spent years as a prosecutor, right here in Charlotte County and I know how Florida prosecutors think, how they plan their cases and what they are looking for to win a conviction.

Committed To The Community

I have lived her the majority of my life, have worked most of my adult life, and I raises my family here. I am deeply committed to the people of my community. I know criminal charge can damage your life and your future, and I work to minimize the consequence of a mistake or error of judgment. You shouldn’t be judged forever because of a single mistake.

Contact Me For Help Today!

Criminal charges demand an informed and experienced response. I have the expertise and ability to represent you, no matter the charge. Call my Punta Gorda office at 941-564-7173 or use my online form.