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With more than 20 years of experience both prosecuting and defending clients in Florida, you can confidently trust me, Mike Powell, with your criminal law case.

More Than 20 Years Of Experience With Criminal Law

I can help with your criminal charges. I’m Michael Powell, and I have worked as both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney.

I understand the stakes and how overwhelming the criminal justice system can be, and I have the expertise to help you navigate the process, with the goal of minimizing the consequences of the charges.

At Powell Law Firm P.A., you can receive genuine, personalized attention. As a local resident for more than 30 years and a Florida resident for most of my life, I am deeply invested in my community and my clients.

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My Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Drug Crimes

Sex Crimes


Former Prosecutor Working For You

Experience matters a lot when it comes to the high-pressure environment of a criminal courtroom. Everything matters. The judge can make decisions that may dismiss your case or send you to prison.

I have more than 20 years of trial experience in front of judges, working with thousands of cases. I spent more than nine of those years on the prosecution side. I understand how the prosecution works, and I know the strategies that can produce a successful result for the accused.

I work to make my clients comfortable working with me. We must trust each other. I speak frankly and don’t bombard you with legalese. You must understand the charges and your defense. I treat you as an individual, not just a client or a defendant.

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I Know Your Case Is The Most Important

I am well aware that these cases are difficult and emotionally charged. And that for you, the outcome of your case is tremendously important. The court can strip you of your liberty, and I never forget that. Some people have lost their jobs before a conviction or even before their first day in court.

You need a lawyer who, like you, is concerned about your liberty and your livelihood and who understands the process and how to achieve the best result. I have worked through thousands of cases involving sex crimes, drug crimes, DUI and traffic tickets, and I know how significant the consequences can be for your future.

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